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Sydenham Ladies Netball Club



Both teams started strongly, fighting goal for goal on centre pass. With aggressive midcourt play from Lilly Paul and Sammie Brown there were a small number of turnovers for both teams and the quarter ended 12-12.

The hard play continued into the 2nd quarter and despite strong defence from Katie Issitt and Jess Bull, Spears pulled ahead and ended the 2nd quarter leading 26-24. With some substitutions in the 3rd quarter Rubies took time to adjust and despite good efforts all round the 3rd quarter ended with Spears leading 39-34. Rubies went out with intent in the final quarter and with some good attacking play from attackers Carly Langdon, Justine Pearn and Steph Gibson along with several interceptions from GK Rheanne Lee, Rubies came back and won the game 50-46. Pom and Upom went to Justine Pearn. Rubies are sponsored by Homes in Sedgemoor


Rubies took on the undefeated Bishops in a close game, which saw Rubies taking the lead from the start. Some great work down the court from all players meant Rubies were able to feed the ball nicely into the shooters, leaving them ahead with the score 19 - 14 at the end of the first half. In the second half, the defence continued to work hard, putting pressure on Bishop's attackers. With the turnovers being taken to goal, Rubies secured a 43 - 36 win against top of the table Bishops.

POM - Justine,UPOM - Justine/Steph, OPOM - Justine

Rubies are sponsored by Homes in Sedgemoor


Rubies knew they would be facing tough opposition for their away game against top of the table Bishops from Wells NC. The score remained fairly close for the first part of the game, with Bishops taking the early advantage, although Rubies pulled back to within 3 goals during the second quarter. However, Rubies were unable to stay in touch and Bishops pulled away in the second half of the match.  Final score was 43 - 63 to Bishops.

Pom went to Kirsty Richards & Justine Pearn.

Upom went to Justine Pearn and Opom went to Jess Bull.

Rubies are sponsored by Homes in Sedgemoor.


Rubies and Venus started their local derby, goal for goal, with some great play for Rubies in all areas of the court. Great attacking from Katie Hill (WA) and Kirsty Richards (C) saw strong feeding into the circle. However, some forced errors and mistakes meant that they were two goals behind going into the second quarter. Some great interceptions and tight marking from Katie Issit (GK), Grace Morris (GD) and Jess Bull (WD) helped Rubies take many turnovers, making the score 22-22 into the third quarter. The third quarter allowed Rubies to pull away a little; some changes saw Grace Morris and Jess Bull switch, and Sammie Brown come on as WA. Tight defence from the whole team meant that many turnovers were made, increasing the score gap. In the last quarter, Rubies continued to maintain their lead, with each player creating spaces to get the ball into the circle and sticking tightly onto their players in order to turn the ball over. Excellent shooting from Justine Pearn (GS) and Steph Gibson (GA) secured the win, with the final score 49-41. Player of the match went to Justine Pearn and Jess Bull, umpires vote went to Katie Issit and the vote from the other team went to Jess Bull. Rubies are sponsored by Homes in Sedgemoor


Rubies needed to go out strongly today against Kites from Keinton NC, after a 5 goal defeat from them in first half of the season. With this in mind they did just that with accurate passing into the shooting circle from Steph Gibson and Kirsty Richards made things easy for Justine Pearn and Carly Langdon to go to goal making it 11-7 to Rubies after the first quarter. Rubies took control for the rest of the game with strong defence from Jess Bull, Kerry Clark and Katie Issitt, making it tricky for Kites to go to goal with great turnover. A few silly mistakes saw Kites claw back a few goals, but Rubies were able to apply the pressure and take a 14 goal lead going into the final quarter.  Rubies continued as they had throughout the whole game in 4th quarter with great team play, and won the game 59-39.

Player of the Match & Umpire went to Justine Pearn. Opposition's player was Katie Issitt

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Rubies played a hard fought away game to Aldon at Yeovil. They managed to get an early advantage with great attacking play from centre court players, Sammie Brown and Stephanie Gibson, feeding well placed passes into Justine Pearn and Carly Langdon. Their accurate shooting enabled Rubies to pull ahead by 5 goals after the first quarter.

Despite managing to increase the lead through the first part of the second and third quarters, the home team continued to push hard keeping the scoreline to within 5 or 6 goals.  The defence consistently applied pressure, with great tips and interceptions by Grace Morris and Jess Bull. Katie Issitt out at WD continually marked the circle edge and picked up loose balls.  Rubies kept the lead in a very close game, giving them a final winning margin of 7 goals. Final score was 50-57 to Rubies.

Player of the match: Justine Pearn

Umpire player of the match: Justine Pearn and Katie Issitt

Opposition player of the match: Jess Bull

Rubies are sponsored by Homes in Sedgemoor


Rubies played against Priory from Taunton NC this weekend. The defence trio set off strong with GD (Kerry Clark) and GK (Katie Issitt) in the circle and newly promoted Jess Bull at WD. As the game progressed, Rubies gained great focus keeping the lead throughout. Attacking side worked amazingly pulling in the goals with GS (Carly Langdon) and GA (Justine Pearn) in the shooting circle. C (Kirsty Richards) and WA (Steph Gibson) played well both as attack and defence to make sure Rubies kept the ball safe and in possession. Rubies held the lead throughout a well contested match, finishing with a score of 54-44 against Priory.

POM- Jess Bull & Carly Langdon, UPOM-Jess Bull and OPOM- Steph Gibson.

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Rubies played Walton Blacks at home on this cold Saturday morning... they started well with accurate shooting from both Justine Pearn and Carly Langdon, ending the first quarter ahead by 8. The second quarter saw Rubies game go a bit flat allowing Walton to close the gap, gaining a few vital goals back, however after a strong team talk at half time and a few switches in defence, Rubies pulled their socks up and were determined to make the next one a better quarter. The centre court players Katie Issitt, Kirsty Richards and Steph Gibson worked the ball well down to the shooting circle with strong and accurate passing and feeding. During the last quarter Rubies found they were back in the game with a great zonal defence by Katie and Kirsty allowing Kerry Clark and Jess Bull to pluck balls from the air from Walton’s very strong attack. Showing strength and determination, the final score was 57- 45 to Rubies. Player of the match: Justine Pearn & Jess Bull.  Umpires player of the match: TEAM DEFENCE (Kerry Clark, Katie Issitt & Jess Bull).  Other teams player of the match: Kerry Clark

Great team effort by all involved


Rubies faced Aldon of Yeovil today and started the first quarter on the back foot with Yeovil taking an early lead but once Rubies settled down they moved into the lead, ending the first quarter 13-12.

The 2nd quarter saw a change of positions for Rubies with Katie Issitt going to WD and Jess Bull going back to GK for added height which applied a little pressure to Aldon's shooters, however Aldon ended the 2nd quarter ahead 25-24.

Rubies continued to apply pressure to Aldon, and with accurate shooting from Justine Pearn and Carly Langdon and great court play, Rubies managed to move back into the lead. Great defensive play also from the attackers especially Justine Pearn made sure that Rubies remained ahead, but only with a 1 goal advantage in this very closely fought match. A good start from Rubies in the final quarter gave them a 6 goal advantage, however a few mistakes with tired legs setting in for Rubies, saw Aldon pull back to level, and take the lead by 1.  Rubies found a hidden strength and with great support from spectators, fought to the end of the game.  With an incredibly exciting final five minutes Rubies pulled out all the stops to end the game as winners by 2 goals with the score 50-48.

POM Justine Pearn UPOM Kerry Clark


Rubies started strongly and fought hard against the strong winds and poor weather conditions, with strong shooting from Carly Langdon and Michelle Jenkins, Rubies finished the first quarter leading 10-9. The second quarter saw some good play up the court between centre court players Steph Gibson, Kirsty Richards and Jess Bull but Blackdown managed to pull the game back to lead 19-18. The third quarter saw the weather take a turn for the worse which made play harder for all of the players but the Rubies defence fought hard with interceptions from defenders Kerry Clark and Katie Issitt but despite their tenacity, the third quarter ended with Blackdown ahead 28-26. With strong rain coming down during the fourth quarter there were handling errors from both teams and although Rubies tried hard the final whistle blew with Blackdown winning the match 35-34. PoM Kerry Clark, UPoM Kerry Clark and Steph Gibson.


Sydenham Rubies secure the win for 3/3 of their home games so far this season; with a win at home to Spears. There was a fantastic start to the first quarter with a strong centre pass from Kirsty Richards to Stephanie Gibson who was able to judge just the right pass to Justine Pearn (GA) providing her with the opportunity of making some incredible shots from just inside the semi-circle to support Rubies in taking the lead 17-13. The second quarter saw some tight marking and some fantastic interceptions from Katie Issit (GK), Kerry Clark (GD) and Leanne Wegg (WD), which ensured that Rubies were able to gain possession and ultimately extend their lead to 28-21. The third quarter saw Rubies successfully turn over the centres and begin to take a larger lead, with accurate shooting from Carly Langdon (GS); at this point the team were really starting to increase the pace and open up the court allowing for great communication and interceptions; ending the quarter 43-32. The final quarter saw Rubies continue with positive attack and great interceptions leading them to victory at home yet again, the match was won 51-41.  POM: Justine Pearn and Katie Issit.  UPOM: Leanne Wegg


Today saw Rubies secure another win - this week against Reckleford from Yeovil at home. Rubies were missing many players due to unavailability in the upper teams, and so Emeralds players stepped up. Right from the first whistle and throughout it was a nail biting match and both sides kept the playing field rather level. The first quarter was off to a start and Rubies managed to utilise their first centre straight into a goal. By the end of the first quarter the score was 10-9 to Reckleford. The second quarter saw only one change with Katie Issit moving out of GK and into WD making way for Grace Morris to step back into GK giving a little more height in the semi circle. Katie Issit (WD), Jess Bull (GD) and Grace Morris (GK) put the pressure on in the second quarter getting lots of turnovers and sending the ball back down to the attacking end to get as many much needed goals as possible. Quarter ended 21-23 to Rubies. The third quarter saw Katie Rowles come on as (WD) and Katie Issit step back to GK once again. The centre court players Anna Jenkin (WA) and Lilly Paul played an excellent game feeding the ball into the semi circle so that shooters Carly Langdon (GA) and Michelle Jenkins (GS) could get every possible shot in. Rubies had a strong quarter and ended at 31-28 ahead.

Into the last quarter, you could see that the teams were getting fatigued as both sides made many mistakes and for a moment it seemed as though Reckleford were going to pull it back but Rubies played a hard game, kept possession and managed to end the game at 40-38 to Rubies. POM went to Carly Langdon (GA) and Umpires vote was split between Lilly Paul (C) and Michelle Jenkins (GS). Congratulations ladies.

I'd just like to thank every single one of the Emeralds girls that stepped up today, you played a blinder and Rubies really appreciate your help! Team work makes the dream work. It was an honour.


Rubies started out strongly against Queensway, with some great play in all areas of the court. Brilliant shooting from Justine Pearn (GA) and Carly Langdon (GS) meant that Rubies started the second quarter leading 14-13. Some great interceptions and tight marking from Katie Dennison (GK), Kerry Clark (GD) and Jess Bull (WD) meant that Rubies gained and kept possession, keeping them in the lead 31-18. The third quarter allowed Queensway to pull back a little. Despite some great feeding into the circle by Kirsty Richards (C) and Shell Jenkins (WA), Queensway intercepted passes, using mistakes and loose balls as a chance to score some goals. In the last quarter, Rubies continued to maintain their lead, with each player creating spaces to get the ball into the circle and sticking tightly onto their players in order to turn the ball over. Excellent teamwork from Rubies meant that they won, with the final score 47-42. Player of the match went to Justine Pearn, and Umpires vote went to Jess Bull.


Rubies match against Kites from Keinton Mandeville was a closely fought match throughout, but Rubies managed to pull a slight lead of 3 goals by the end of the first quarter and maintained the advantage at half time, just 2 goals ahead.  Their opponents made some changes which enabled Kites to close the gap and the two sides were drawing 27 all by the end of the third quarter.  Despite an excellent effort, Rubies were unable to prevent Kites pulling ahead during the final quarter, with the end result 35-40 to Kites. Player of the Match and Umpires Player of the Match was Justine Pearn.


Rubies first game of the season was against Blackdown of Taunton. Rubies started strongly matching Blackdown goal for goal until they started pulling ahead ending the first quarter 17-6.

Rubies turned over more ball with strong defence from Kerry Clark and Katie Issitt and the shooters were able to capitalise, taking a strong lead at half time of 29-13.  Rubies continued to apply pressure to Blackdown and with accurate shooting from Justine Pearn and Carly Langdon and they pulled ahead to 45 - 23 going into the last quarter. A few mistakes for Rubies saw Blackdown pull back some goals during the final quarter, but the gap was too much and Rubies ended their first game of the season with a great 53-34 win. Excellent team work was a big factor in this result.  Kerry Clark deservedly got UPOM and POM votes.

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