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Sydenham Ladies Netball Club



Knock-Out Cup day - a replay of cup final 2016 - against Knights from TOR NC. Both teams have been invited, and accepted to play in the new Regional League from September 2017.  So both clubs were on a high.  As the game started both teams showed unusual nerves, but it was Knights who settled down more quickly.  Their play was faster and slicker than Gems’ and after both teams missing their initial shots, Knights shooters steadied themselves and began to find the net.  With thanks to some excellent defending and interceptions, Knights moved into a 9 -1 lead.  However, Gems did not panic, and brought themselves back into the game with some feisty play from Danielle Addicott and Amy Witcombe in the centre third.  With Gems’ shooters beginning to find the net, the quarter ended 18-8 to Knights.  A change during the second quarter saw Carly Martin take to the court, and make an immediate difference to the team, driving out for centre passes, despite being double marked, and finding shooters Paige Pople and Hannah Clapp in the circle. Instinctive communication between defenders Rheanne Lee and Kerry Fellows forced Knights attackers to make errors, and Gems made great use of the free pass from a 3 second time fault to help reduce the gap.  Knights however, were persistent, and dealt with the forced errors well and without panicking.  Good vision up and down the court, helped Knights to get the ball into their shooting circle, and towards the end of the second quarter, Knights’ accurate shots, helped them to pull away again, and the half time score was 30 - 21 to Knights. An encouraging half time team talk from Sammy Kemmish, helped the team to come out in positive spirit, and Gems started well, with fine shooting helping to reduce the gap.  Mikki Hole, back on at WA had a strong quarter, making great space to receive passes, and made some great forward passes into the circle, where Clapp and Pople were not fazed by their opponents, with their sight well and truly on the ring.  Their solid play helped to reduce the scoreline to just 4 goals during this quarter.  Knights turned up the pressure, and made some flying interceptions, stopping Gems’ flow, but with stirling mid court defense from Gems’ captain Amy Witcombe, Gems concentrated on their own game, and closed the gap with the score 38 - 33 to Knights going into the final quarter.  Gems knew that they needed to remain consistent and steadfast to achieve their aim of winning the Cup for the first time.  As they began their last 15 minutes, the spectators were treated to the most exciting and competitive game of netball, with Gems working hard.  The speed of play, good decision making and great teamwork threw Knights off course.  Fantastic interceptions from Kerry Fellows, who kept her opponent out of the game, were quickly and safely moved down the court.  Great understanding between Danielle Addicott and Hannah Clapp helped to position the shooter close to the post, and Gems fought on to eventually bring the game level at 38 all.  At this point, both teams seemed to faulter, with several minutes of game play, where the shots were simply not finding their target.  Gems were the team to break this period of stalemate, and moved into a 39 - 38 lead, however, Knights levelled.  Having worked so hard to level the game, Gems were not in the mood to let it slip out of their sights.  Leading from the defensive end, the whole team refocussed and Gems took a 5 goal lead before Knights scored again with their lead moving to 44 - 39.  During the last few minutes, it was Knights turn to dominate the game, and they pulled back to 44 - 41.  Gems knew that a possession game was all they needed, however, they continued to play strongly, and could not believe that all their hard work throughout the season had finally come to fruition with the final score being 45 - 41, and the long desire for victory had arrived.  

Gems would like to thank their coach Sammy Kemmish, their squad, club mates, spectators and sponsors for their continued support.


Gems faced Yeovil's Newton with a different squad due to injury and absence. A strong start was made in quarter 1, with Gems immediately pressurising play and forcing errors from the opposition. Rachel Lawrence (GK) , Rheanne Lee (GD) and Carly Martin (WD) managed many interceptions resulting from great defensive pressure and Gems went 8-1 up. The quarter remained at a good pace and intensity for Gems ending 16-4. The same combinations in the second quarter meant Gems could build on their play, with Amy Witcombe (C) and Mikki Hole (WA) linking the attack and defence smoothly up court. Half time score was 26-9. Gems aimed for more goals in the 3rd quarter, and shooters Hannah Clapp (GS) and Paige Pople (GA) delivered, with confident shots adding a new burst of energy to the team. Nic Hale (GK) and Kerry Clark (WD) slotted into the team seamlessly, aiding the defensive unit to take the ball up court to the shooters. Score: 44-13 The final quarter of this brilliant game from a strong Gems side saw each player keep up high energy and want for the ball. The game ended 57-18. Player of the Match: Rheanne Lee & Amy Witcombe Umpire's Player of the Match: Rheanne Lee & Hannah Clapp


Gems arrived in Taunton ready to face Vivary fuelled on a toffee crisp kindly donated by skipper Amy, as she was having a week off. Gems started slowly, as usual, but effectively moved the ball down court. Powerful dynamic movement accompanied by strong feeds, ahead of the defence, by Mikki Hole and Danielle Addicott allowed Gems to stay close and finish the first quarter 13-10 to Vivary. Gems knew that they needed to step up and play their own game. With this positivity, Gems utilised turn overs and with sharp movements and accurate shooting from Hannah Clapp and Paige Pople, Gems won the quarter scoring 14 goals to Vivarys 8. Gems took the lead 23-20. After a positive half time talk, Gems wanted to keep their lead. A change to Vivary’s line up meant Gems needed to utilise the coaching points they were given and keep pushing. Kerry Clark stepped up and helped to effortlessly link the attack and defence together; providing support to bring the ball down court, and being a reset option when needed. The end of the third quarter was 34-30 to Gems. Gems knew that Vivary would go out hard in the final quarter. This being said, and like the true sportswomen they are, Gems kept their head and used this to their advantage. Kerry Fellows and Rheanne Lee showed impeccable teamwork, putting pressure on the attack and turning over numerous balls. A positive attitude and intelligent play enabled Gems to secure the winning title with a proud final score of 48-37. Players of the Match: Kerry Fellows & Kerry Clark Umpire's Player: Hannah Clapp


Semi-finals of knockout cup with some of Gems having a sore head because of a surprise party the night before.  Last time Gems played Hovelands they won by 1, Hovelands had a very different team from last match.  Gems didn’t start that well at first giving away balls to Hovelands, who were ahead in the first 6 mins 6 0.  However, Gems settled down and then started to reduce the score line ending 4 goals behind Hovelands.  During the second quarter,  Danni Keirle, and Amy Witcombe switched positions which worked better, with the ball moving more easily up the court.  The great movement from the centre court players helped to bring it into the circle to then score a goal.  We managed to bring the score line within 1 - Gems 23 Hovelands 24.  With a talk from coach Sammie at half time encouraging us to continue what we had done during the second quarter, and to progress it by coming in front, resetting and trying to make the interceptions.  The team worked hard to achieve this in the 3rd quarter, with great tips from the defence, resetting to WD or GD which made the end third open up with free space to allow C, WA and GA to drive to get the next pass with great ball from WA in to GS and the resulting score taking us into the lead 38-33.  During the last quarter, Gems needed to continue with the hard work throughout the court, supporting one another, and with great teamwork from all, including interceptions from the defence, excellent forward movement to the attack, and calm, accurate shooting helped Gems to extene their lead.  Greatcommunication, with everyone talking and encouraging each other, and without panicking, took Gems to a fabulous 48-42 win.  Gems are now in the final of the knockout cup on 22nd April at Taunton vale.

Both player of the match and umpires player went to Mikki Hole


THE MIGHTY TEAM GEMS TOOK A CRACKING 44-38 VICTORY!!! Well played to the our opposition KNIGHTS, a strong, experienced and consistent team. They made us work for it!! 2 minutes in and "we had arrived" this was a match you would pay to watch! The Gems ladies were focused, determined & positive! Awesome effort from all the team members but Hannah "the hero" Clapp stole the show... accurate shooting, confident movement and a great attitude gained her Player or match and umpires play! Great end result and a super big thank you to all the reserves and supporters!

Loosely translated:  Gems had a cracking good game against 2nd placed Premier Division team Knights, who for the last two years have consistently beaten Gems.  This was an excellently well played game from all seven players, with exceptional shooting from Hannah Clapp.


Gems faced Hovelands in a re-arranged evening game away on Thursday 16th. They knew it was going to be tough and that Hovelands would push them hard. The first quarter started slowly, Gems took a while to warm up and Hovelands capitalised on this, going 8-1 up in the first few minutes. Gems finally settled and came back with consecutive goals from turnovers, shaking Hovelands and closing the score to 10-12. After a constructive team talk, Gems knew they needed to slow the game and get back into their normal stride. The circle pairing of Rachel Lawrence (GK) and Kerry Fellows (GD) was new for this game due to injury, quickly adapting, the pair worked tirelessly turning over balls and constantly pressuring the Hovelands attack. Amy Witcombe (WD) transitioned well from defence to attack following these turnovers. However some sloppy passes and miss-catches from the team didn't help to utilise turnover and the quarter ended 19-24. Gems knew they needed to pick up some intensity to stay in this game, and Danielle Addicott (C) showed great stamina supporting the defence and attack with rapid drives and clever bits of unit defence. Mikki Hole (WA) fed quick one-twos into Hannah Clapp (GS) and Paige Pople (GA) from the circle edge. Hovelands' defence was tight but Gems were more tactical in this quarter with Hannah driving out of the circle allowing Paige a quick drive under the post in a 1 vs 1 scenario. This quarter looked up for Gems as they seemed to steady until Kerry Fellows rolled her ankle just before the end, after a remarkable performance out at GD. This brought Rheanne Lee on at GD who was still recovering from injury, another adjustment in the circle, so Gems kept it steady and the end of the third quarter was 32-30 to Hovelands. The start of the final quarter was instantly more focused from Gems. Easy play down court with Mikki (WA) and Dani (C) using Amy (WD) and Rheanne (GD) to reset the ball, allowed the shooters time to move around their opponents and claim their space. Gems were more determined and more ball hungry than they had been throughout the game, they wanted the win. Rachel Lawrence (GK) was tight on her player and despite the height difference, her body positioning meant many rebounds went Gems' way. Gems managed a 3 goal lead, their first of the game, but unforced errors meant with 2 minutes to go, it was equal, goal for goal. Hovelands aimed to keep possession but were called for 3 seconds. Gems took this to goal and went 1 up. With 10 seconds remaining, Hovelands GA was under the post with the ball, a rare miss and a secure rebound from Gems ended the game with a one goal win 42-41. Deserved Player and Umpire's Player was Kerry Fellows.


Gems vs local rivals Saturn from Bridgwater NC.  Gems went head to head against Saturn and started the game strongly. With brilliant defense and turn overs in the first quarter from Amy Witcombe and Rheanne Lee allowing Gems to take the lead. With a close score through out the game, Gems managed to keep in the lead thanks to Carly Martin's flying interceptions which then linked well with Danielle Addicott and Mikki Hole feeding into the attacking circle. With great confidence from shooters Hannah Clapp and Kerry Fellows Gems kept the lead, and finished the game with a great and well deserved win of 36-29. Player of the match went to Carly Martin and umpires player went to Amy Witcombe.


Gems GA Paige Pople was unavailable this week, so the team had a bit of a change around, with only 2 positions staying the same - GS and WA.  Carly Martin filled in at WD, and Kerry Fellows moved to GA, with Danielle Addicott at Centre, Amy Witcombe at GD and Rheanne Lee at GK.  It is always a touch game against Vivary from Taunton,  and so this proved to be with the first quarter playing end to end and goal for goal resulting in Gems taking a 1 point lead 13-12.  The second quarter saw Gems pull a little in front with great play in the circle from Hannah Clapp and Fellows, and Lee making many tips and interceptions in the defence circle, and with great communication between her and Witcombe, Gems extended their lead  to 27-22.  During the third quarter, the team kept their heads, with great play from Mikki  Hole and Addicott in the centre court, both working really well together, creating space and speed, and backing up the shooters where needed.  Gems held their five goal lead at 38-33.  With everyone giving 100% during the final quarter, the game remained level.  There was a need to score at every centre pass, which happened with strong play throughout the court. Vital defensive interceptions and tips from Martin, and continued accurate shooting finishing off great play from centre court players allowed Gems to maintain the lead and win the game 46 - 42.  The team worked really well  despite the positional changes, proving the flexibility of the team players.  Thank you to the reserves and supporters and coach - Sammy Kemmish.  The player vote was very close with 6 team member all with 1 vote but in the end, but player of the match went deservedly to Danni Addicott, with Umpires Player - Mikki Hole.


On a cold and misty morning, Gems met Tomahawks from Paulton in their last game this year. Gems were a few players short from their selected team, however had some talented players step in.  In the first quarter it took a while for players to settle with the new combination, but all 7 players were working hard to work out their opponents game play. Ending the first quarter 8/10 down.  The Tomahawks defenders were putting on incredible pressure in the shooting circle, but Gems managed to work hard, and accurate feeding from Mikki Hole (WA) meant Hannah Clapp and Steph Gibson were able to reduce Tomahawks lead,  ending the 2nd quarter 18/19 down.  Slight changes to the team saw Laura Coombes move into the Gems shooting circle, and the team players seemed to settle, with “Team D” end on fire, with great play from Carly Martin at (WD). Rhe Lee and Kerry Fellows had tough 3rd & 4th quarters, but kept fighting until the final whistle. Their defensive play and great interceptions enabled Gems to take the lead, and with cool heads, and determination, the final score was 41 Gems, 38 Tomahawks.  Thanks to the Sapphires/Rubies players for coming down on such a cold and early morning!  Player of the match went to Carly Martin.


Gems faced Sharks at home and started strongly with dynamic movement and accurate passing from Mikki Hole and Danielle Addicott. This enabled the ball to be brought easily down the court from turn overs and converted to goal. The first quarter ended 13-9 to Gems. Gems went out fighting in the second quarter with a goal of reaching 60 goals. Accurate shooting from Hannah Clapp and Paige Pople meant that Gems scored 17 goals in the second quarter, which finished 30-15 to Gems. Gems pulled away from Sharks even further in the third quarter. With strong defending from Kerry Hobbs and Rheanne Lee, Gems were able to intercept numerous balls in the shooting circle and convert these to goal. To third quarter ended 47 - 18, with Sharks only scoring three goals. The last quarter led to a change in the team, and Gems went out hard to try and play a better quarter of Netball. With Amy Witcombe linking both the defending and attacking end well, Gems were able to extend their lead further with the final score 62 - 26 to Gems. Player of the match was Kerry Hobbs with Amy Witcombe receiving Umpires Player.


Gems knew the game against Hovelands was going to be tough so we were determined to start strongly. With great centre court passing from Amy Witcombe and Mikki Hole Gems took an early lead. Pressure from Hovelands’ defence and accurate shooting from both their GA and GS, helped reduce Gems’ lead, and the first quarter finished 12-11 to Gems. Gems were determined to start the second quarter with a turnover of Hovelands centre pass, and great pressure from Rheanne Lee and Danni Addicott, made it difficult for Hovelands to get the ball from centre court into the shooting circle. Gems fought hard as a team and the second quarter finished 22 all.  With some tired legs the third quarter started slowly. Pressure from Gems GK, Nic Hale, made it difficult for Hovelands to capitilise on their movement and shots on goal. However, Hovelands kept up the pressure and rarely missed. The quarter finished 36-34 to Hovelands.  Although Gems were starting the fourth quarter from behind they knew they needed to pressure every pass and utilise every turnover. The last quarter was extremely close, as Gems clawed back the two goals and the quarter then proceeded goal for goal. It was down to the last 40 seconds and Gems were behind by one.  Gems had possession and found their shooters Paige Pople and Hannah Clapp who took six agonising attempts at goal before finally scoring. The game finished at 42 all. A great effort by both teams. Players of the match went to Danni Addicott, Nic Hale and Mikki Hole. Umpires player went to Amy Witcombe.


Gems faced Newton away at Yeovil and were determined to play a much better game than the previous week.  Gems were a total different team with no nerves, and started off really well with great play going down the court.  Mikki Hole, Paige Pople and Hannah Clapp linked well into the goal circle, and shooters found the net more consistently, making the most of every inception made, taking Gems into the lead.  With great play by everyone  Gems continued to increase their lead at half time. During the half time team talk it was agreed to change Amy Witcombe and Danni Addicott (WD and C), making both ends of the court very strong.  Great play, excellent linking, strong 1/2 passing into the goal third and accurate finishing by Hannah and Paige showed, just how well the team can work together.  With the last quarter still to play for, Rachel Lawrence produced some great interceptions, and worked well with Kerry Fellows to ensure the ball passed safely down the court.  It was good play throughout the match, much better then our result last week, everyone worked well as a team, and will work on consistency for future games.  A well deserved Player of the match and Umpires Player went to Hannah Clapp.

The end of the match resulted in a win for Gems 50-31.

Gems faced Knights who had finished strongly ahead of Gems at the end of last season. Gems were very nervous for the first match of the season  and started strongly with tight defending with only 3 goals separating the two teams at the end of the first quarter.  The second quarter continued to produce good defending, leading to moving the ball up the court, but unfortunately the goals weren’t going in, and only scored 2 goals in that quarter as Knights shots were going through the net.  The half time score was 23 - 9 to Knights.  With better play during the third quarter, and with everyone linking well, the passage of play through the court was much better.  Switching Danielle Addicott  and Katie Ball worked really well and helped with the flow, however, at the end of the quarter, Gems were still trailing by 16 – 42.  Moving into the last quarter, Gems were always playing catch up with the score, but this did produce better netball from the team, but numerous interceptions from Kerry Fellows led to her deserving the player of the match award.  The final score was Knights winning 58 – 22.

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